prepare for unforeseen consequences.


twitter: @astrolince

github: @astrolince

chat (pgp)


wire: @astrolince


telegram: @astrolince


Coiny bitcoin fee estimates

hosty system-wide ad blocker for linux

Inside the firewall videogame i made in 2013

astrobot my consciousness uploaded to the internet

Respondedor de boludos yes or no telegram bot

email: ProtonMail or Tutanota

password manager: Bitwarden

two factor auth: Authy

chat: Signal or Wire

browser: Firefox or Brave

vpn: ProtonVPN or Mullvad VPN

bitcoin wallets

general purpose: Muun

i want to receive lightning payments: Breez

i want to store large amounts: Green or Casa Keymaster

i want to spent privately: Wasabi Wallet

argentina only

buy bitcoin: CoinMonitor


ASUS TUF FX505DY (2019)

os: Manjaro XFCE

mouse: Logitech G305

headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Xiaomi MI A2 (2018)

deprecated projects

linky (2016) url shortener

tuxifeed (2014) tech news

juan respuestas (2007) my 9 years old self wanted to make a website

Bitcoin/lightning via opennode

altcoins via globee